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   In the human world, school had just ended in Chihiro's classroom when a student suddenly exclaimed, "Look! It's a rainbow!"
   Everyone, including the teacher, rushed to the windows and noticed the beautiful sight. Mika, Akane, and Kira smiled at each other then embraced each other.
   "She did it." Mika said to her sister and friend.
   "I didn't doubt she would." Kira admitted, "She's got a strong will."
   "And a big heart." Akane added, her sister and friend agreeing, "Come on! School's out so let's go meet her at her house!"
   With that, the three quickly ran out of the room and to the shoe lockers at the school's entrance, putting on their normal shoes and dashing towards the Ogino residence to see their friend.

   Back at the Aburaya, everyone had already come out and congratulated the two on passing the difficult test. Haku's parents were embracing him, which he returned very tightly. Lin, Kamaji, Kasei, and everyone else was embracing Chihiro, almost to the point where she couldn't breathe. Hana and Ryusuke eventually embraced Chihiro, which she, too, returned happily.
   "I'm so proud of the both of you." Hana said, trying not to cry, "You're both so grown up."
   "Thank you, Hana-san." Chihiro replied, "And thank you everyone."
   "It's nothing, Chihiro." Lin said, "It's our job to be there for you."
   "I knew you and Haku had something special." Kamaji added, "It was undeniable love was forming."
   "I agree." Sakura agreed, "Chihiro, Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi, as princess of the Spirit World, it is my honor to formally and officially pronounce you two engaged to be married. When can you two be married?"
   "Well," Chihiro started with uncertainty, "I won't officially get out of school until I'm eighteen. Until then, I can't get married."
   "Then one of you will have to remain in one world or the other. Personally, I suggest that Haku be the one to stay with you and your family."
   Haku looked at Sakura with confusion and sadness then said, "Princess, I can't leave my parents. I just reunited with them."
   "It's okay, darling." Hana reassured her son, "We can join up with you later. All we have to do is ask our neighbor to look after the house for about seven and a half years and then we can return home."
   "Mom, are you sure?"
   "Kohaku, listen to your mother." Ryusuke said sternly, "That felt weird to say."
   "That's because it's been a long time since you saw me, Dad."
   "At least we'll have a beautiful daughter-in-law." Hana said with a smile, making Chihiro blush with embarrassment.
   "Mom, we're only engaged. We've got seven and a half years to plan the wedding itself."
   "True. Well, Haku, what'll you do?"
   After a moment of thinking, Haku replied, "I'm going to stay with Chihiro and her family until the wedding. But, how am I going to get through?"
   "I can turn you into a human." Sakura answered, "Just as Yubaba has the power to transform people into pigs, I have the power to transform spirits into humans. You'll remain human until your return and them you'll return to a spirit."
   "Will your parents mind, Chihiro?"
   "I'll have a whole lot of explaining to do." Chihiro admitted, "I know Mom wouldn't mind, but Dad…that's debatable."
   "On the bright side, we'll both be older siblings."
   "True. I don't know whether Mom's having a boy or a girl, so we'll find out when she does."
   "Then it's decided." Sakura said, "Haku will be changed into a human and leave with Chihiro while his parents will later join him."
   "I'll join them in a month." Kasei added, surprising everyone, "What? Someone's gotta keep an eye on them."
   "You're really going to give up your life here?" Chihiro asked.
   "I would have quit my job after my wedding to live with Daisuke, so it's okay. By the way, Chihiro, how would we all fit?"
   "We have a decent sized basement. I could ask Mom and Dad if we could turn it into bedrooms for you guys."
   "Then it's settled! You guys go and meet up with Chihiro's family and we'll all join you in a month or so."
   "Haku, Chihiro, I have something for you both." Sakura said, producing two small rings, one a silver band with a green gem, one a plain silver band, "These are your engagement rings. You must wear them until your wedding and never remove them. They'll grow with you and are waterproof so you can wear them when you bathe."
   Haku put Chihiro's engagement ring on her left hand and she repeated his actions. Once they were on, Sakura continued.
   "Now, Haku, I will change you into a human to live with your fiancée. However, you will only feel your powers once you come close to this place. Other than that, you will be a normal twelve-year-old human. Are you ready?"
   Haku looked at Chihiro, who smiled at him, then his parents, who also smiled. He smiled at them then said, "Yes."
   Sakura chanted a few words then allowed a veil of blue to envelope Haku, his spiritual body being replaced by a real human body. After a moment, his powers were no longer within his body and he breathed in air for the first time as a human.
   "How does it feel to be human?" Chihiro asked.
   "I could get used to it." Haku admitted.
   "You two must return before sunset otherwise my spell on Haku will completely dissipate." Sakura told them, "You have about two hours to say goodbyes."
   Chihiro went over to Kamaji and Lin, embracing them both. Even Yubaba, Zeniba, No Face, and Boh had come out to say their goodbyes, as did almost everyone in the bath house.
   "You'll write, won't you?" Lin asked.
   "Of course." Chihiro promised, "Should I write every other week?"
   "Definitely. Kamaji and I also expect some rice balls with that."
   "Okay. I'll even send the sootballs some kompeito."
   Haku was saying goodbye to his parents, who were almost unwilling to let him go, especially Hana.
   "I love you both." he said for the first time in years.
   "We love you too, son." Ryusuke replied, holding his son and wife tighter.
   Chihiro then bid farewell to Yubaba, Zeniba, No Face, and Boh, promising to write to them as well. Yubaba then surprised Chihiro with a small bottle of gold nuggets to remind her of her time at the bath house. Zeniba and No Face both embraced her, as did Boh.
   "When will you return Sen?" Boh asked.
   "Not for a long time." Chihiro answered, "And my real name's Chihiro."
   "I won't forget."
   Haku and Chihiro both said goodbye to Kasei and Daisuke at the same time, promising to meet up in a month's time, which would occur after Kasei and Daisuke married and Kasei officially quit her job.
   Once the final goodbyes were said, Chihiro and Haku looked at the tunnel that would lead them home then walked down the stairs, hand in hand.

   "Honey! Chihiro's home!" Yuuko yelled to her husband from the kitchen, "I can see her coming from the forest! There's a boy with her!"
   "A boy?" Mika, Kira, and Akane asked then realized the identity of the boy after a moment of thought.
   "It must be Haku!" Mika exclaimed.
   "Finally, we'll get to meet him." Kira said.
   The door opened and Chihiro said, "I'm home!"
   Yuuko and Akio rushed to the door and immediately hugged their daughter, who wasn't expecting the gesture at all. Haku only smiled at the scene until Yuuko noticed him standing there.
   "Who are you?" she asked, releasing her grip on her daughter.
   "I'm Kohaku Nushi." Haku answered, bowing respectfully, "It's an honor to finally meet you."
   "So you're Haku?"
   "Yes, ma'am."
   "Did you come here to escort Chihiro home?"
   "Actually, with your permission, I want to live here with you."
   "Don't you have any family?"
   "I do, but they'll be joining in a month or two."
   "Chihiro, what's going on?" Akio asked.
   "Mom, Dad, first promise you won't freak out." Chihiro said, to which her parents nodded, "You three too."
   Mika, Akane, and Kira all nodded.
   "Okay. Haku is my fiancé."
   "Fiancé!?" everyone except Haku and Chihiro exclaimed in disbelief.
   "Yes, he's my fiancé. You see, we had to admit our feelings for each other and then prove them in order to remain together. We did end up revealing our feelings and we did prove them."
   "How did you prove them?" Akane asked.
   "We kissed."
   Yuuko and Akio stood in shock at Chihiro's answer. She had come out and said it…and wasn't even ashamed to admit it.
   "You two…kissed?" Yuuko managed to ask.
   "Yeah…thrice." Chihiro admitted, holding up three fingers.
   Now, everyone was ready to fall over in shock. All they could do was drop their jaws, stunned.
   "Since everyone's still stunned, I guess I'll just finish the news up." Chihiro said, "Haku chose to become a human and live with me until we get married, which we decided would be after I graduate high school. I hope you don't mind Haku's parents living here as well as a friend and her husband. They can stay down in the basement, if that's okay."
   Once recovered from their shock, Yuuko replied, "Chihiro, how would we fit them down in the basement?"
   "We could make them into separate bedrooms. Just two of them, since they're both married. What do you say?"
   "Well, there is enough room for two bedrooms, honey. What do you think?"
   Sighing, Akio answered, "I guess they can stay. But where will Haku sleep?"
   "Um…do you mind if he sleeps in my room?" Chihiro asked nervously.
   "I trust him not to do anything." Yuuko answered, "How about you, dear?"
   "I guess. If he does anything, let me know."
   "Sure, Dad." Chihiro said, a discrete sweat drop sliding down the back of her head.
   "Well, don't just stand there you two, come inside." Yuuko said, urging her daughter and future son-in-law inside, "Dinner's almost done."
   "Okay. Thanks Mom."
   Kira, Mika, and Akane, who had to return home themselves, stopped to congratulate Chihiro and Haku on their engagement, all three embracing the two with considerable happiness.
   "We'll see more of you, right Haku?" Mika asked.
   "Of course." Haku replied, smiling.
   "Well, we'll see you tomorrow, Chihiro." Kira said, waving goodbye, "Oh yeah, here's the notes we took today."
   "Thanks, Kira." Chihiro responded, accepting the notes she had missed all day, "I'll give them back tomorrow."
   "Sure thing. Sayonara."
   With that, the three girls left, leaving Chihiro and Haku standing at the doorway, smiling that everything had finally been settled between them.
   "Chihiro! Haku! Dinner's done!" Yuuko yelled from inside.
   "Let's go." Chihiro said, taking Haku's hand and leading him inside, shutting the door behind her, ready to start their lives together.

*Seven and a half years later*

   The Aburaya bath house was buzzing with excitement as decorations were being set up, a sign that said "Closed. Will be open tomorrow" in the front of the entrance. The Yuna were setting up small lanterns with small electric lights inside, as well as placing decorative cloth across the ceiling.
   Chichiyaku, Aniyaku, and Aogaeru were dressed in their best attire, as were everyone else, since a special event was about to take place. Yubaba smiled as the decorations were being finalized, Sakura at her side.
   "I never thought I'd see a day like this happen." Yubaba admitted.
   "Neither did I."  Sakura also admitted, "I honestly never thought this day would come."
   "No one did." Zeniba said, walking next to them, "This will be a day no one will forget."
   "That I will agree with you on."

   In Kasei's former room, she, Lin, Yuuko, Mika, Kira, and Akane were all getting ready, Yuuko helping a young woman in a flowing white gown set her tiara with a veil in place.
   "Do I look okay?" the young woman asked, uncertain of her appearance.
   "You look beautiful, dear." Yuuko reassured.
   "Thanks, Mom."
   A little girl who had dark brown hair and bright brown eyes and dressed in a cerulean summer dress ran up to them and said, "You look really pretty, Onee-chan."
   "Thanks, Sen." the young woman, revealed to be a now eighteen-year-old Chihiro, replied, smiling at her little sister, "You look adorable."
   "Thanks, Onee-chan."
   A knock at the door was heard and Akio asked, "Is everyone ready in there?"
   Yuuko looked at everyone, who smiled and nodded in reply, then answered, "Yes, we are."
   "All right. Let's get the show started."

   "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here in the presence of the spirits and the gods to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony." Sakura said, her voice ringing out over the audience.
   As she continued, Chihiro secretly looked at her future husband, who was now a twenty-year-old young man with the same beautiful green eyes as before and flowing green hair that never once changed its length. She smiled to herself and turned back to Sakura, listening to the words that were exiting her mouth.
   Haku secretly looked at his bride and how much she had changed in appearance over the seven years they lived together. Her once slightly chubby face had matured into a young woman's face, her brown eyes still as bright as her childhood years, long brown hair that shone in the sunlight, and her once slender figure was now as beautiful as ever, but she still remained skinny throughout adolescence. He, too, smiled then turned his eyes back to Sakura, ready to take his oath of marriage.

   Later that evening, as the reception was taking place, Chihiro and Haku had snuck out of the party to stand on the bridge where they had first met, looking at the full moon above and the sparkling stars that accompanied it.
   "It's hard to believe that almost eight years have passed, isn't it?" Chihiro asked.
   "Yeah, it is." Haku replied, his arm wrapping around his wife's shoulders, "It seems like only yesterday we were still children. Now look at us. We're both out of school and married."
   "I know. Sometimes, I half expected it to be a dream, but whenever I woke up and saw you, I knew it was real. I know this is real because you're really here with me, as my husband."
   "Nothing's going to change, Chihiro. Nothing's going to disappear. I'm here with you until we both die…and that could be a long time since we're both now spirits."
   "It's okay. I can wait a lifetime to die, as long as I'm always with you…and you're always with me."
   Smiling at each other, Chihiro and Haku embraced each other for a moment then shared their first official kiss as husband and wife. As they kissed fireworks went off behind them, making everyone smile at the sight on the bridge. After almost eight years, Chihiro and Haku could finally rest and be at ease. After all, they did have forever to remain together…and that, itself, was the beginning of a new adventure with uncertain roads ahead that only they could embark on.
The final chapter of "Spirited Away II". I've had a blast writing this story and seeing what everyone's thought of this story that took almost two years to complete. Thanks to everyone who's read, commented, and favorited this story.

This chapter is dedicated to two very special friends: serennac and RiverSpirit22. I couldn't have finished this story without your support. Thanks for being there for me throughout this amazing journey.

"Spirited Away" (c) Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli

I own nothing except for unfamiliar characters.
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